First Time Users: There is a cost involved to have your information posted on our website. Please contact Esther at for further details

Ontario Region Home Administrators: Please note – our 2017 Ontario Guide is already in circulation. Any homes wishing to be in the Guide at this time can only be online until our 2018 edition. We will collect & update information for our 2018 Guide between May and August 2017. Discounted Rates until June 30, 2017.

If your home is already online with us, any changes that you make now will appear online once they are reviewed by the site administrator, provided that you have paid the fee to be on the site or in our Guide for 2017 If you are not in our database of homes but would like to be, please contact us at

Home Administrators outside of Ontario: At this point our printed Guide is only for Ontario. Updates made to your information will appear online after our webmaster reviews and approves it. This might take 24 – 48 hours. Information on specific homes will only appear on our site if you have paid our annual fee. Photos and weblinks are at an extra charge. Please email with enquires.


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